Monday, July 02, 2018

shifting gears

With the end of every semester, I begin to get excited about being able to shift gears and spend some time in my studio. Whether I'm cleaning, organizing, or making stuff, I enjoy having the time to simply play and experiment a bit. Every semester proves to be challenging in one way or another, but this summer it's been especially difficult to shift gears; to get out of the "head-space" of teaching and administrative work and back into the "head-space" of making. So as a way to ease into my studio time, I decided to scan a bunch of drawings out of my most recent sketchbooks and see what I could make out of them.

new die-cut sticker

Admittedly, the blue robot was something that I had on hand that I made for the Made in the Middle conference two years ago. Stickermule was running a great little promo, so I decided to finally finish out the die-cut Robot Friends set with this little bot. It was fun to put this together!

Robot Friends sticker set!

Moving on from the individual die-cut stickers, I decide to explore making a simple sticker sheet, again through Stickermule. I have so many character doodles in my sketchbooks so I spent an afternoon going though and scanning some of my favorites. The specs on these sticker sheets are somewhat rigid; each sticker needs to be at least 1x1 inch and every sticker needs to be a quarter of an inch apart. Although I wish there was a bit more flexibility, after a bit of noodling I was able to get them just right. Again, this was pretty fun to make!

Sketchbook Friends sticker sheets!

As I think about my studio time, I've also been thinking about my online shop and cleaning up my online presence. These are the first of many steps to clean house, redo the shop and update my website. It's something that I've wanted to do for a long time but it's not as much of a priority during the academic year as my focus is on other things. These stickers are just the beginning of a slew of new products and pieces that will be available for Christmas 2018. Stay tuned!

Doodle redraw!

Bathroom redo!

Another thing that I LOVE to do are pattern doodles. This past month, I have been scanning lots and lots of patterns, printing them out and redrawing them at a larger size (or, playing with them on the computer). The first pattern is this crazy geometric pattern that I can see using on all sorts of things, maybe even fabric! After we had our bathroom floor retiled recently, we talked about repainting the walls and changing the space a bit. After spending some time looking at custom shower curtains I began to play with the idea of seeing what this pattern might look like on one. A week later, my shower curtain arrived in the mail. Here it is, installed in our little doodley bathroom!

If you're interested in purchasing any of the stickers you see here, hop on over to my online shop.

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it’s great to see your fun things. Hope you enjoy making them as much as I enjoy seeing them