Friday, February 28, 2014

new tattoo! wahoo!

(click on the image for a better view)

Two years ago, when I turned 40, I wanted to get a new tattoo to commemorate this milestone. Turning 40 might not seem like that much of a milestone, but to me it was. A great deal happened during my 30's so I wanted my tattoo to reflect my work, the symbols & patterns that repeat within it and what they mean to me.

The above design is what I landed on. There were several other versions that I played around with but these symbols and patterns seem to be the ones that recur the most. Since I already had a circular tattoo on my right arm, I designed this so it would line up with the circle that already existed and form a band around my arm.

My 40th year came and went and I did not get the tattoo. Several of the tattoo places I went to in town didn't want to do this design, for various reasons. Many places offered suggestions of how to change the design, keeping the elements but moving the circles. As much as I tried to remain open-minded about it, I didn't end up changing it and so it remained in my sketchbook. 

A couple of years ago, our good friend Chris Stubbs designed a tattoo for my husband that is amazing. For lack of a better description, it's kind of like a steampunk-ish octopus that's made up of all sorts of mechanical part & pieces. My husband calls it the Cephaskelamech! Check it out!


Late last year, Chris started apprenticing with Tyler Moody at Surreal Tattoo. Part of his apprenticeship requires that he does a certain number of hours of tattooing before he is able to become fully certified as a tattoo artist. Considering the fact that he finished the completion of my husband's tattoo and how great it turned out, I thought I'd approach him about doing mine. Chris graciously agreed to do it (!) so we set to work. After a few emails, he suggested some minor tweaks to the line work of my design which I was happy to do. Once that was done, we were ready to go!

Chris, checking the transfer

Here we go!

It burns!

All done!

BIG THANKS to Chris for the wonderful work and to my husband for the great pics! If you'd like to see a few more, check out my flickr page.

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