Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Little Golden Years, Part 2

As promised, I though I'd share a little bit of my process for these pieces. I shipped them off on Friday and despite the fact that I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, I was a little sad to see them go simply because I had so much fun making these two pieces. As I mentioned in my previous post, there is a page in Mr. Bell's Fixit Shop that strikes a chord with me: 

"There's a use for everything. You never know when you will need a doorknob - or a pickle jar."

Like Mr. Bell, I keep all sorts of things. I never know how or when they'll get used....but eventually, they find their place. They are like missing pieces in a puzzle. The pieces I made for this show were made (partially) from scraps of paper and wooden blocks that I've held on to for years... until now!

The above photos are some recent block bits that I've found around town (I think I found the top lot at Urban Mining and the bottom lot at The River Market Antique Mall). I have jars (and jars!) of old blocks and wooden bits like these that I use on my 3D bots. I can never have enough and I am always looking for more!  HA!

(click on the image for a better view)

So, for my pieces I wanted to show how I use some the scraps that I've collected. Since I use them quite a bit within my 2D and 3D pieces, I thought I'd make a 2D piece and a 3D piece for the show. I also wanted to connect the 2 pieces together somehow, so I decided to take one of the robots from within the 2D piece and make it as a 3D robot. The above pics show how the collage piece grew and came together. In the 3rd image, I decided on a shape for the 3D bot and thought I'd cut his shape out of mat board, too, to give him a bit more focus. 

playing with blocks, deciding the shapes that will make up the bot

gluing and priming the blocks together

matching up the shapes of the 3D bot and the 2D bot

painting & detailing the 3D bot

Although I didn't take as many in-progress shots of the 3D bot, my goal was to match up the shapes to make it look like he jumped right out of the painting. All of the colors on the front of his body match the colors that are within the painting. 

And, here are the final pieces! Be sure to click on each of these images for a better view. 

BiG THANKS again to Heidi Kenney and to Amanda at Bear & Bird Gallery for the fun opportunity! The Little Golden Years opens on Friday, June 28 at Bear & Bird Gallery in Lauderhill, Florida. I can't wait to check out their website to see all the great artwork for this show!

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