Friday, March 22, 2013

Mail Me Art 2013!

Mail Me Art 2013

Back in January, I was honored to be invited to contribute to the 2013 Mail Me Art exhibition and book launch (thank you Darren!). Having participated in the last show in 2010, I was excited to create another piece for this fun project. I've always loved creating pieces to go through the post, but the idea of sending something internationally across an ocean and seeing how it survives has always been a lot of fun. What will happen to it while it's on it's way? Will it get damaged? What will it look like when it gets to its destination? 

Art is something that we tend to treat so delicately yet with this project, you have to let go of that notion and I like that. Things will happen to your piece that you have no control over. It will get scratched, bruised, dinged up -- maybe even stepped on! I wish I could see it when it gets to London!

piecing together the scraps of paper & paint

Unlike my last piece, I wanted this piece to reflect a small series of patterned pieces that I did for my last solo show (here in Kansas City at Blue Gallery). So, I started by digging through my drawers of scrap papers, old drawings, prints and stuff that I've found off the street. Once I get a selection that I like, I begin placing them around the board until they find their spot. I then play with color and mix some paint to create additional spots within the piece for balance.

adding drawings within the piece

Once I've got all the spots somewhat figured out, I start drawing and possibly adding text. I wasn't entirely sure what to title this piece, but since so many of my pieces lately seem to be about decision making, paths, direction and pattern, I decided to title this From Here to There. Using an old typewriter, I added the title in the bottom left hand corner.

From Here to There / 6x8 inches, mixed media on board, 2013

And here's the final piece. Fortunately, the board that I used for this has a 1.5 inch profile which came in handy when they affixed my customs form onto the back of my piece! Since the other side of the piece has the address (as well as my return address), there wasn't very much room for the customs form. So, they affixed it to the back of the piece and wrapped it around the edge of the piece onto the front! Hope it arrives ok! 

This year's exhibit and book release will be held at Framer's Gallery in London and will be viewable from July 30-August 3. Be sure to check out the Mail Me Art website if you're interested in buying a copy of the Mail Me Art book, which will contain all the pieces from the show.

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