Friday, March 18, 2011

inspiring drawing by kids

drawings taken from Highlights issues June/July 1959 and October 1961
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When I was little, my grandmother got me a subscription to Highlights magazine. At some point, she switched from Highlights and got me a subscription to Cricket magazine, which I loved. I still have some of my favorite issues in a box in my studio, which I look at from time to time.

So many years later, I find myself seeking out issues of Highlights magazine from the 50s & 60s. Not because of the articles (ha!), but because of a section in the middle of the magazine called "Our Own Pages". This section of the magazine features drawings and writing from kids all over the country. Highlights would put a call out in every issue and kids could send in their entries with the hope of getting them printed in the magazine. I like these older issues because they are printed on newsprint and use very limited color. This section is usually simple black & white.

I recently scanned in a couple of these pages and compiled them onto an 11x17 sheet of paper, which I have hanging in my studio. I love them. Thought you might find them inspiring too.


Bob Flynn said...

This is so much fun, Maura! I would always flip to this section of the book as well. I even considered submitting something a few times. I like Jame Spencer's "A Bug" and Peter Lawier's "The Girls" —both age 3.

Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

Unknown said...

very cool!

Gypsy Queen said...

Those are cute and inspriing, thank you!

S▲R▲H + C O L I N W▲L S H said...

love this! very inpiring :)

Sandra Azwan said...

Amazing BLOG! love IT!;-)