Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bunches, Crowds, Clusters, Piles and Knots

I guess it was sometime in 2009 when I first started collecting the wonderful print editions from Cloudy Collection. I love them, and I love collecting them! David Huyck, the mastermind behind Cloudy collection, began these sets out of a love for letterpress and a desire to do something fun with people he knew and people he wanted to get to know better. Each set has a different theme and is printed using two colors, to keep things simple. In addition, each set is printed by the wonderful Boxcar Press, which is run by a friend of his from college.

my piece for Cloudy Collection Volume II, Edition 3 • photo by David Huyck

The theme for this set of prints was Bunches, Crowds, Clusters, Piles and Knots. My first thought when creating this piece was about a drawer organizer that I have in my studio. It's basically a wooden drawer organizer that is broken down into different sections. Each section is filled with little things I collect, all of which are gathered in bunches and clusters. For this piece, I thought it would be interesting to sort out some of the recurring symbols that I seem to be using a lot these days, drawn as if they were organized in the wooden drawer thing in my studio. I started by doing a simple drawing with a crow quill and ink.

drawing, before color

Once I got the drawing down, I scanned it in and started to add the two colors, a grayish blue and an orangish red. The thing I like about having to use two colors this way, is what you can do when the two colors overprint - they create a new color! White can also become a color, if you want it to. Two colors become four - I love it!

drawing, after color

I'm very honored to be a part of Cloudy Collection Volume II, Edition 3, entitled "Bunches, Crowds, Clusters, Piles and Knots". Woohoo! To see all the amazing artwork (!!) in this set and/or to get your very own set, please visit Cloudy Collection. The sets are very affordable, and are comprised of seven prints. In addition, a percentage of the sales of the Cloudy Collection print sets are donated to The Nature Conservancy, an international organization devoted to saving wild, untouched and rehabilitated nature places for future generations.

Big thanks to David Huyck for inviting me to participate. This was a fun project! :)


Walter Silva said...

Awesome, I saw this on yesterday. One of my favorite of the bunch.

maura said...

Thank you Walter! I appreciate that :) cheers!