Monday, September 21, 2009

The Old Robots

just a sampling of the robots you can find on The Old Robots

About a month ago, my husband sent me a link to this amazing robot site called The Old Robots. It is one of the best catalogued robot sites that I've seen. It's very cool! Not only do I love to be able to look at all the robots, but there's a ton of great info on them, too. I love the way they've been organized into grids, with their names placed clearly underneath each one of them.

a section of one of the many pages on the site

zeroing in on Starroid's Radio Robot

The kind keeper of this site has not only provided plenty of pics, but has also provided lots of other info on each bot including PDFs of the original manuals and packaging. They are always accepting submissions and photos, too, so if you see something you had/have, be sure to write to The Old Robot so the info on the robot can be updated, added to, or corrected.

Starroid's Radio Robot model #i-M-1

Needless to say, I'll be visiting this site again and again. Seeing so many different kinds of robots really makes me want to draw and make some more of my own. Lots of great bots on here, a whole ton of which I hadn't seen before now. Enjoy!

*All images taken from The Old Robot.

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