Tuesday, September 22, 2009

crazy for ROBOTS: robot #50

Junkbot, by Goobeesta

For robot feature #50, I thought I'd show these two very different, very cool gems by Goobeesta, aka Brian Gubicza. I love them! Junkbot was made out of tea tins, pipes, pez dispensers soda caps and plastic spoons. He then painted him and added the decals, which he created digitally. I really love how he did this. The layer of paint really unifies the whole piece and disguises the "junk" that makes up his body.

Robot, by Goobeesta

I also love the graphic simplicity of this bot. You can order prints and buttons of this bot on Brian's etsy site, where he has tons of other fun stuff as well. Check it out!

*Images taken from Goobeesta's flickr page.

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