Wednesday, May 06, 2009

a turning point

work in progress (1) / May 2009

After several months of re-working this piece, originally done in 2003, I have reached a turning point. My documentation of the original piece is so shoddy that I've decide not to post it. I wish now that I had recorded all my steps a bit more diligently. Maybe this earlier pic will give you somewhat of an idea of what the original piece looked like. (But even this is not accurate. This picture already indicates a bit of reworking. The original piece had no oranges, yellows or dark browns. It was mostly a blue piece.)

work in progress (1) / March 2009

So what makes this point a "turning point?" Well, the hard thing for me is that I actually kinda like this piece (top pic) at this stage. In some ways it's hard to decide how to proceed. Despite how much I like it at this point, it's not how I see it in my head; it's incomplete. When working on a piece, I really try to follow what I see in my head. It doesn't always turn out exactly how I see it, but the journey it takes along the way is part of what makes it fun. Hopefully, in that process, the puzzle comes together. Two of the pieces I recently did for the XX Chromosome show were done this way.

ROBOTHUMAN (left) / It's All About the Numbers 02 (right)
after collage • March 2009

before collage • March 2009

When working on these smaller pieces, I faced this same kind of turning point. I really enjoyed these pieces the way they were before the collage, yet at the same time they felt incomplete. Obviously whenever you set out to do something or create something, it's never a straight least it's never been that way for me. It twists and turns and sometimes - if you're lucky - you learn something along the way that furthers your understanding of the medium you're using, the story you're trying to communicate and/or your self.

The nice thing about working small is that I tend to feel a bit more open to experiment. With the two smaller pieces, I hadn't really invested too much into them so pushing the medium around and trying new things didn't really feel too risky. They were small: 12x12 inches. The piece I am about to work on is a large piece: 4x4 feet. Gulp. While I am excited to work on it, I'm also a bit intimidated by the size of the piece. Truth be told, I'm also a wee bit intimidated by the medium: OIL. I am way more comfortable using acrylics and have a lot more knowledge of how to collage with acrylic-based mediums. Collaging with oil will be interesting. Stay tuned...!

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Margaret Molinari said...

First let me say I love your work! Judging by your previous pieces clearly you should just go with your gut, it seem to have worked wonderfully so far!