Saturday, March 14, 2009

crazy for ROBOTS: robot #46

Danbo / in the rain

While looking through photos in the Explore page on flickr, I came across this wonderful picture by David Copeman (flickr name: djcopeman). I thought it was a picture of a person dressed as a cardboard robot, but in fact it's a toy based on a Japanese character named Danbo. According to David, Danboard (or Danbo for short) is a toy based on the character Miura Hayasaka who dresses up in a cardboard box suit and is part of the Japanese series Yotsuba&!. Danbo is part of the Revoltech line by the Japanese company Kaiyodo. The Danbo figure is plastic, has movable joints, eyes that light up and stands about 5 inches tall.

Danbo / at night

Needless to say, I'd love to have my very own Danbo toy and these wonderful photos that David has taken make me want one even more! They're really beautifully shot with interesting light and points of view. These two are a couple of my faves, but there are plenty more to peruse through. Be sure to check out the set of Danbo in the snow, to see the character Miura Hayasaka who wears the Danbo suit.

*Photos taken from David's flickr page.

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sMacThoughts said...

OH that's so wonderful! He looks so pensive, and a little lonely.