Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ultimate Robot by Robert Malone

made in Italy in the 1950s by OPSET

Last week, while doing some robot research over lunch, I stumbled upon this AMAZING book in the library called "Ultimate Robot" by Robert Malone. (It's due Friday and I don't want to return it! Guess I'll have to purchase my own copy.) As I seem to be drawing more and more robots these days, I thought it might be interesting to read about the history of robots, their influence on pop culture and stuff. I couldn't have picked a more fitting book - this one covers it ALL.

Mighty Robot
made in Japan in the late 1960s by Yoshiya

Needless to say, my favorite chapter is "Robot Toys & Collectibles". There are a lot of robots in this section of the book that I hadn't seen before, but out of all the ones that I hadn't seen, Nando (above) is probably my favorite. I love how basic he is, from the 2-color artwork that makes up his face to his simple construction and pressed metal details. Very cool! With the exception of Robot Lilliput and Atomic Man, many of these early tin robots were simple pressed tin; silver in color with very little or no paint or decal details. It's cool to see how the design of these tin toys has progressed over the years. This book illustrates that really well.

Mr. Mercury
made in Japan in 1960 by Marx, Line Marx Co. Inc.

My 2nd favorite chapter in the book is "Robots in Art & Entertainment". Robert Malone does a great job of providing detailed featurettes on robots from various movies, television shows, books and art. But the coolest thing for me, in this chapter, was seeing artwork from Eric Joyner, Clayton Bailey and Lawrence Northey featured in the book. So cool!

For lots of robotic eye candy, a wonderful overview of the history of robots and a glimpse into the future of robotics, check out this book. It is the definitive guide to the world of robots!

All images taken from Ultimate Robot by Robert Malone, © 2004 Dorling Kindersley Limited, ISBN 0-7566-0270-X.


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