Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fragmented Fave: Laura Berman

All She Ever Wanted Was Everything
2000+ hand cut intaglio prints, various sizes • 2007-2008 • Laura Berman

Although It's been a while since I've posted any non-robot artwork, I'm very excited to be posting today about the work of friend and artist Laura Berman. Laura sent me an email the other day to tell me about her show, All She Ever Wanted Was Everything, that opens at the Dolphin Gallery here in Kansas City tomorrow night. Wow, to no surprise, Laura has been really busy! In addition to teaching printmaking at the Kansas City Art Institute, she was recently interviewed by Kansas City Spaces Magazine (which is featured in this month's issue), has launched a new website and has created a wonderful body of work.

relief monoprints, series of 21 • 38x29 inches • 2007-2008 • Laura Berman

When Laura sent me this email, I decided to check out her new website and take a look at the work that's going to be featured in the show. I was immediately drawn into the pieces ... and noticed the rocks. I say that because that's one of the first things I noticed when I went to her house last year: her rock collection. I've collected rocks over the years, but not in the same way or anywhere near the scale that she does. Despite that, I can appreciate the wonderful textures and intricacies that they so often have within them. These textures and intricacies come out in the intaglio prints and they're simply beautiful. I also love the color she's used within these pieces and the way they take me back to memories of collecting sea glass from the shores of New Jersey and speckled rocks from Lake Michigan.

Rockpiles I
intaglio relief prints, series of 11 • 22 x 18 inches • 2007 • Laura Berman

But perhaps what draws me in the most is the amount of care, detail and repetition that goes into creating such an installation. It is truly inspiring. I can't wait to see the work in person!

All She Ever Wanted Was Everything will be at the Dolphin Gallery from February 13 - March 21, 2009. The opening reception is tomorrow night, February 13 from 6-10 pm.

1600 Liberty St., Kansas City, MO. 64102 816.842.5877
For more information please visit

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Anonymous said...

Maura, thank you for posting this! Can't wait to hear how you like the exhibition– especially the installation piece. I think we share the same acumen for detail & craft in art-making!