Saturday, February 07, 2009

crazy for ROBOTS: robot #44

9.7 X 10 inches • giclée print • Alex Noriega

When my husband and I recently jumped onto Gelaskins looking for a new protective cover for our phones, I came across this fun, colorful piece by Alex Noriega. I've admired Alex's work for a long time, so seeing his work on Gelaskins was a fun surprise. When I saw this piece with the robot flying above the city, I knew this was the one for me. Perusing through his page, I came across some other gems that I think are really cool.

8.9 X 12 inches • giclée print • Alex Noriega

I love these Cubohs! Back when I was making robots, many of my first bots kinda looked like these: simple & blocky. Seeing this print almost makes me want to make some wooden robots again. Lastly is this piece, which has me looking at buildings a bit differently.

8.5 X 12 inches • giclée print • Alex Noriega

How cool would it be to design a building that looks like a giant robot in the heart of downtown?! C'mon KC, you know you want to! Hmm... maybe it's just me but I think that would be awesome!

To see more of Alex's wonderful work, check out his sketchblog. All images taken from Gelaskins website.

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