Saturday, February 21, 2009

bottle cap fever

What OH what is it about a bottlecap that makes me swoon so? So many things, I guess. Take for instance this lovely picture of this beautifully scratched 7 UP cap. What a great texture all those scratches create. The rust adds wonderful color to it, too. And then, to have it offset by the green of the bottle; it just makes my eyes sparkle with happiness!

Maybe that's why I receive so many pictures of bottlecaps from friends of mine. These are two recent pictures that friends have sent me. I just love them! All I know about the top pic is that it's from; the bottom one, no idea. But isn't it cool?! There are a bunch of individual ones in here that I love, but I also love the overall picture. It's a grid, go figure.

cap #300 / 7UP
Lithiated Lemon Soda, "Seven times as good"

Today, I posted my 300th cap, this old 7UP gem, onto my bottlecap set on flickr! Can you believe it? I sure can't! BIG THANKS to all my pals out there who bring me caps from their travels, save them for me, send them to me from afar, and new friends who want to trade (I haven't forgotten about you!). It makes collecting them even MORE FUN! Stay tuned for more... but, for now, hope you enjoy these first 300! Cheers!

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