Tuesday, November 25, 2008

studio renovation! (part two)

before renovation • October 5, 2008

after renovation • November 7, 2008

At long last, I finally have some before & after shots to share of my new studio. I am so excited and thrilled to have such a wonderful new space to work in! The HVAC heating/cooling unit is installed and it's been nice & toasty in there. Although I haven't moved my stuff back in yet, I think that's something that my husband and I are going to try to start to tackle over the Thanksgiving weekend - I can hardly wait!

inside, before renovation

inside, after renovation - so much brighter with more windows!

This would not have been possible if not for the help of some great local businesses. First, our awesome contractor and friend, Mike Mastin of Blue Sky Contracting was great to work with. By calling our attention to issues and including us in helping him try to solve for those issues, we were able to come to a solution faster. I also really appreciate his attention to detail and trying to keep things as green as we can (the foam insulation we used is soy-based). Although I'm not a huge fan of vinyl windows, the nice folks at Spec Building Materials make some great vinyl awning windows that compliment the space nicely. These double-paned windows will really help keep the space energy efficient! Finding a local supplier of corrugated metal siding was not easy. We received a couple of tips from several friends of ours, but we were really looking for something closer to where we live. With some help from the folks at Spec, we came up with a short list of local suppliers and discovered Tin Man Metal in Raytown. They have a great little showroom with dozens & dozens of different types of metal siding. After some helpful consultation from Randy at Tin Man, we were able to make a decision and ordered the siding.

Lastly, BIG THANKS to my wonderful husband for everything he's done to help make this dream of mine possible! Wow - I am lucky to have such a supportive, genuine, caring person in my life who understands all my artistic weirdness! :) Ha ha! Jake has also photo-documented the entire renovation process from start to finish which, if you're interested, you can view here.

During the month of December, I'll be moving all my studio stuff out of our crowded basement back into the studio. Starting in January, I'll be painting once again! What a great way to start off the new year. Yeah!


Kelly said...

Yeah Maura, The siding looks great. I knew you two were busy with the project and the results are spectacular. Moving all of your supplies back in will get you jazzed to start painting again in the "new" studio space.

hugs, Kelly

Kelly said...

Yeah Maura, Looks great. Good choice on siding. What fun you will have moving all of your supplies back into the "new" studio space.

hugs, Kelly

Anonymous said...

WOWSERS! way to go maura! and jake, too! i'm so excited for you. it looks awesome. ah! a dream for sure! i know it'll inspire you like crazy. and, love that color siding! have fun goober!

angie said...

looks perfect maura lady
such a great space for you to be AMAZING!

woo-hoo for you!

Flora Chang said...

This is very exciting!!!
The new studio looks awesome! Congratulations! :)