Tuesday, November 25, 2008

partly cloudy, chance of skulls (part one)

hyperdoodle 03 (partly cloudy, chance of skulls)
india ink & posca pen on bristol, 4X6 inches, 2008

Not really sure why I've got skulls on the brain, but when I sat down to draw the other day this is what came out. I'm trying to figure out what to print in my upcoming silkscreen class that I'm taking at the Arts Incubator here in KC. The class is on December 6 - less than 2 weeks away - and I have no idea what to do... yet. I'm allowed to use 2 colors, and it has to be roughly 5X7 inches in size. Needless to say, I'm really excited to be taking this class because although I love silkscreen and collect silkscreen prints, I've never actually done it.

hyperdoodle 04
india ink & posca pen on bristol, 4X6 inches, 2008

So, in preparation for my class and to try to figure out what I'm going to print, I've been doing these little black and white ink drawings. I'm hoping they might help to spark some kind of idea. I did this drawing yesterday, but instead of keeping it black and white, I decided to throw some other ink colors in there too. I'm enjoying doing these. Who knows what they'll lead to.


Name[d] said...

"partly cloudy chance of skulls" is both clever and awesome. You should totally print that. I would buy one.

Kelly said...

YES, skulls on a t-shirt . Sounds like a fun class.