Sunday, October 05, 2008

studio renovation! (part one)

before deconstruction: October 1, 2008

Hi friends! Sorry it's been SO long since my last post. At long last, my studio renovation has begun and I'm so excited! Wow - I can hardly believe it's happening. As many of you know, for the past 2 years I have been using our 2-car garage as my studio. As you can guess, once it gets to be around December I don't really spend too much time out there because it gets too dang cold. Instead, I bring my paints inside the house and use our dining room studio as a place to paint. While I don't mind that at all, it isn't ideal. So, with my husband's help, we decided to go all out and convert the garage into a studio that I can work in year 'round. This meant removing the double-wide garage door, constructing a half-wall and installing a single garage door, insulating the walls and ceiling, and putting in a heating/cooling unit.

the framing begins: October 3, 2008

The first step was to have the garage door removed. Because we really didn't want the door to end up in the landfill, we contacted our local Habitat Restore. Habitat Restore is the Kansas City Habitat for Humanity's center for new & used building materials. If you're renovating/updating any part of your house and are looking to save some money, it's definitely worth stopping in and checking out what they have. You never know what you're going to find. For $175 they deconstructed the door (and all its hardware) and hauled it away for us. Once the door was removed, the framers could begin. I love this shot. Seeing the new boards supporting the roof looks really cool.

after deconstruction, during renovation: October 10, 2008

Although there's quite a jump between these photos, I've posted pictures of all the in-between steps in a set I've created on my flickr page. I love the way the new windows open up the space. It'll be so great to have more natural light inside. All the walls you see here are new. The old walls on the north and south side were both rotted from water damage. They have now been replaced with brand spankin' new plywood. I just love the smell of fresh cut wood and sawdust.


Anonymous said...

oh wow, Maura! i'm SO excited for you. how dreamy! good luck with the project. it's fun to see along the way. can't wait to see it finito! xoj

Unknown said...

Congrats Maura. It looks like it is going to turn out real nice.

Kelly said...

Yeah ! How exciting.