Friday, October 24, 2008

crazy for ROBOTS: robot #40

Even Octo-Bots Need Sleep / Jim Bradshaw, mixed media on Zip Disc, 2008

Robot Getaway / Jim Bradshaw, mixed media on card board, 7X7 inches, 2008

I just LOVE these fun pieces by Jim Bradshaw! Aren't they fun?! I especially love the top one that's painted on an old 100 MB Zip disc. Remember those? Remember when 100 MB was big? Seems kinda funny now. Even 100 GB seems small. Anyway, I just love how he integrated the disc into the piece by making that center piece the eyeball - genius! And, of course, the textures Jim creates always excite my eyes. They're just great. Not sure what those funny little black balls are in the lower right hand corner of the bottom piece, but they make me laugh!

*Both images taken from Jim's flickr page.*

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