Thursday, September 04, 2008

new Robot stuff on my cafepress shop!

While I'm not sure exactly how many years it's been since I last updated my cafepress shop, I can tell you one thing: it's been a long time! So, in celebration of Nutz + Boltz, I thought I'd create some fun, silly, new robot stuff including the tote bag, kid's t-shirt and poster (my mom's idea!) that I've posted here.

It was fun putting these together. Although most of the artwork that's on this stuff was taken from artwork that I did for Nutz + Boltz, some of it has never been used on anything before. In some cases, I went through my sketchbook and scanned a bunch of robot drawings that I liked and then played with different drawings to see what worked best.

As for the poster, this really was my mom's idea! She thought it would be interesting to see them all on one poster. While all the members of the Robot Army aren't on here, they seem to be pretty happy! I think my favorite (so far) might be the yellow robot in the 2nd row with the big, red nose. It looks like he's dancing to a funk-da-funk beat. Yeah! Do you have a favorite?


Ludlow Lad said...

Awesome - the T-shirts are sooo cool!

Anonymous said...

hey maura! oh it's been a long time since i commented---but i've been reading and been really inspired and excited about all the awesome art you've been making. WOW. the nutz-n-bolts show looks great! (and thanks for the pc in the mail!) wish i could see all the robots in person. and the tote bag is way fun, and my eyes went straight to your yellow robot and also the very last goofy guy on the page. hee. i'm happy you are doing so well, and i'm especially excited for your 4-season studio prep! weeeeee! so dreamy...i always wanted a 'garage' studio ever since i saw the jackson pollock movie. ah, someday.... xojen

Matt Cluthe said...


been a little while since i dropped by your site, Maura. it looks great!! i love the robot army!! i think we're going to order some tshirts!!! :) love ya-

lemonologie said...

That's awesome! I love your stuff!