Sunday, September 14, 2008

crazy for ROBOTS: robot #38

Goka Olivier
Clockwise from top: Robot 01, Super Saucer, Robot 20, Robot 13. Photos by Bernard Babette.

I recently stumbled upon these amazing robots on Flickr by Goka Olivier and I love them! Taking bits of discarded plastic that he finds and that friends and family give him, he then rearranges the bits to make these wonderfully simple, colorful robots.

"My work is based on: collecting, gathering… of objects or parts of objects mainly made of plastic found on pavements, in bins of flea markets or brought by friends and family, members of the Recycle club. I then commit to a simple principle as I assemble; that is original colours and shapes of the collected parts may not be modified. New plastic figurative and non-figurative objects are created and given a new environment.… a second life Bernard Babette then captures with his camera."

Goka Olivier
From the Vonpischmeyer Collection, #03 & #01. Photos by Bernard Babette.

I also really love the pieces that Goka did for the Vonpischmeyer Collection. While they are intended, it seems, to be reinterpretations of African masks and sculpture as translated through plastic, many of these pieces look like they could be robots. Although these are two of my favorites, I could have included many of them. They're really cool!

*All photos taken from Goka Olivier/aka recycle club's flickr photostream.


sMacThoughts said...

OH I love these...they remind me of "Robot" on Lost in Space!!

Unknown said...

I love your blog but where have you gone? Hope all is well.