Thursday, August 28, 2008


NOT HUMAN • 12X12 inches, mixed media on canvas, 2008

Here's a sneak peek at the very last painting that makes up Nutz + Boltz: A Robot Show, which opens TONIGHT at Yummy in Seaside, Oregon. There won't be a pre-sale, but you can contact the gallery directly at 6 PM PACIFIC TIME at either 503-738-9142 or 503-738-3100. For prices and more information, please visit Yummy's website. BIG THANKS to Corey Albert, owner of Yummy, for this fun opportunity and to my friend Jimmy for always bringing out the silly in me!

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Unknown said...

On an unrelated note (to your post that is) I have been following your blog for several months now - ever since i discovered your art. Your work and blog are both inspiring. I even have a blog of my own now so thanks.