Friday, August 15, 2008


on the left: The Science of Numbers; on the right: dorky me and some robot pieces

Things have been so crazy lately that I've gotten a little behind on my posting. Sorry about that. I love being busy and being a part of these shows has been fun. The only down side is that it can get kinda difficult to stay on top of everything! My awesome manager, Jan, recently approached a bunch of us with an opportunity to show our work for one night during the recent First Friday here in Kansas City at Imago Gallery. While Imago is more of a studio, the folks at Imago like to open their doors during First Friday to make people aware that they're there. So, we all jumped at the chance and, despite the quick turnaround, we had a great time.

The piece on the left, The Science of Numbers, is the piece that I created for the show. Although I wasn't crazy about it when I first finished it, it's kinda grown on me. I like the way the layering of the lines turned out. Anyway, it's 16X16 inches, and is done in mixed media on canvas. As for the other pieces on the right, they'll be heading to Yummy in Seaside, Oregon for the upcoming Nutz + Boltz show. More on that soon! To see more pics from the show, check out the EUREKA set on my flickr page.

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Unknown said...

I love the science numbers piece .. very nice .. great work