Monday, July 07, 2008

crazy for ROBOTS: robot #33

the Identity Theft Bot

And now, back to our regularly scheduled crazy for ROBOTS feature!

For robot #33, I bring you the fun work of LouLou whose work I discovered earlier this year while perusing through one of the robot groups on flickr. The pieces I saw were illustrations of various "bots" that he did for Norton/Symantec - they're great! My favorites are the Identity Theft Bot and the Extortion Bot.
the Extortion Bot

They're both really clever. I especially like the Identity Theft Bot whose face seems to be constantly changing. You don't want to mess with Extortion Bot either. He means business. What's even cooler about these bots is that you can download them and make them into your very own paper toys! Totally fun and definitely worth checking out!

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