Friday, June 06, 2008

sneak peek #5: A Look Inside the Robot World

A Look Inside the Robot World / Maura Cluthe, 9X9 inches, mixed media on board, 2008

Of all the pieces in the show, this one is probably the one that looks the most like the inside of my sketchbook. Unless I theme a sketchbook (which I often do), the pages inside tend to be a swirl of random patterns, floating heads, writing, or full page drawings to express a specific thought. Lately though, aside from my marker-filled themed robot sketchbook, this is what my sketchbooks have looked like. As I get back into drawing, I've been trying all sorts of drawing tools again - pens, markers, watercolor, colored pencil - whatever I can get my hands on! It's like I'm using all this stuff for the first time all over again - it's been SO fun!

For this piece, I just let loose and tried to treat it the way I would treat a page in my sketchbook. When drawing in my sketchbook, I often experiment with new pens I've acquired. For this piece, I really wanted to try out my new Opaque White Souffle Pen and see how opaque it really is. Needless to say, I think it's my new favorite white pen! (Yay for Jet Pens!)


Anonymous said...

awesome! i love your illustrations!

best regards :]

Anonymous said...

maura, maura, bo baura! hey! i'm lovin all your new work. it rocks! and you're rockin'! i also really like the 'i will do' and the 'day of the dead dream' pieces. mmmm. fun!