Monday, May 19, 2008

sneak peek: DOODLEDOTS!

Doodledots 01 / Maura Cluthe • 10X10 inches • mixed media on canvas • 2008
*click on the image for a larger view*

June 7, the opening for the "Pleased To Meet You" show at TAG Art Gallery, is right around the corner! As I wrap up my pieces, I thought I'd throw out a couple of sneak peeks here n' there. This first one, entitled Doodledots 01, was a lot of fun to do. I just love organizing circles! I started off by collecting all sorts of paper bits and then went through them, deciding which ones to include. Then, I start arranging them. Once I've got 'em where I want 'em, I glue them down and let them set overnight. Once they're dry, I start doodling & drawing on the circles. Although this piece is pretty small (10X10 inches), I'm also working on a much larger doodledot piece that's 48X48 inches (which won't be in the show at TAG). The circles that make up the larger piece are each 2.5 inches. When I start applying the circles onto the larger piece, I'll take pics along the way and will show the piece in progress. Stay tuned for more sneak peeks soon!


Kickass Annie said...

That's fantastic Maura!

Can't wait to see the larger version.

xo Annie

Flora Chang said...

I love it!! You always amaze me! I'd love to go to see your show! : )