Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Fragmented Fave: Jon Burgerman

Globe-trotting artist Jon Burgerman has been really busy lately. You could say that his stuff is kind of exploding all over the place, literally. Just this year Jon has jumped from Munich to Milan and recently back to his home in the UK to complete work for his recent show POP IDLE, at Concrete Hermit in London. Having followed Jon's work for a while now and seeing all the fun stuff he's created, I really had a hard time picking exactly what images to include with this post. I find so much of what he's done to be really inspiring. Perhaps what's most inspiring for me, though, is his ability to completely fill a wall from floor to ceiling with his amazing, crazy, fun drawings. There's no pre-planning when he sets out to do this. "I might have a rough idea in my head or very occasionally I’ll have a loose sketch in my sketchbook but most of the time I have no plan whatsoever, which for me, is part of the fun/challenge." (A) How completely fun!

In many ways, I can relate to this way of working. I oftentimes do not have a plan as to how my pieces are going to turn out or what they're going to be. They're like puzzles. I start with a thought or a certain element and then, if things are clicking, something takes over and the piece somehow solves itself. Although I haven't seen any of Jon's work in person and do not own anything he's created yet, it would really be a thrill to see him bring a wall to life. Many times when the wall is completely drawn out, he'll invite the public to come color it in. You can see samples of this over and over by looking through his flickr page.

Being the Pen Nerd that I am (see previous post!) I can't help including this fun doodle drawing. "This is piece of work I made about my student days, somewhere in the 90's... It's silly and woozy, colourful and chemical fueled, featuring a blue ape, toe jam and magnets." (B) I love this piece. It encapsulates for me all the things that I love about Jon's work: crazy characters, great color and undeniable energy & fun. What's not to love?

Top image taken by Nathan Beddows, from Jon's flickr page.
Other images taken from Jon's website.
(A) Jon Burgerman, from the FAQ section of his website.
(B) Jon Burgerman, from his flickr page, "Nineteen Something or Other".

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