Tuesday, April 22, 2008

crazy for ROBOTS: robot #28

One of my favorite robot logos is this wonderful little gem by Giant Robot. My husband recently got me a new Giant Robot tee shirt and this was the hang tag on the shirt. I just love the tagline "strong enough for a robot but made for a human." Ha! Since getting the tee shirt and keeping this tag, I've had this robot shape in my head lately so I thought I'd try to draw my own robot based on the shape of the Giant Robot logo. This is the result.

And for all you Pen Nerds out there, I did this drawing with my new set of
ultra fine permanent markers made by Tul Pens. I love 'em! (Available exclusively at Office Max.)

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the plug for TUL pens and site.

what kind of Tul pens do you like? send me your contact info. and we'll send you some for, like, free!

send it to: vinnywarren (at) g mail (dotcom)