Tuesday, April 15, 2008

crazy for ROBOTS: robot #27

For robot #27, I bring you the surreal work of Boris Artzybasheff. My husband recently turned me on to Artzybasheff's work and as soon as I saw it, I wanted to see more because it's not like anything I'd seen before. An illustrator by trade, Artzybasheff was best known for his illustrations for advertisements and magazine covers and for his realistic and surrealistic styles. The above piece, entitled "Cybernetics", first appeared in Esquire magazine in 1947. It also appeared in Artzybasheff's book As I See and was called "Executive of the Future". This piece was part of a section in the book called "Machinalia". Artzybasheff was fascinated with machines and stated in his book, "I am thrilled by machinery's force, precision and willingness to work at any task, no matter how arduous or monotonous it may be." (A) The images from Machinalia are amazing. Huge pieces of machinery in a steel mill take on human characteristics and become characters working together to get the job done.

Big thanks to the great folks at the Animation Archive for lettin' me post this image.
(A) Quote from article on the Animation Archive.

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