Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Hall of Best Knowledge by Ray Fenwick

I'm so excited! Ray Fenwick's first book, Hall Of Best Knowledge, is now available for pre-order at Fantagraphics! This is so cool! From Fantagraphics:

Ray Fenwick has pioneered his own medium of storytelling, one best described as "typographical comics." Hall of Best Knowledge is presented as a handsome, personal journal written by an unnamed voice, referred to only as "The Author."

Hall of Best Knowledge is part graphic novel, part art object, part satire, part puzzle. The slow unfolding of the author and his story builds humor with each page, creating a peculiar examination of the idea of genius and the problems that arise in the search and transmission of knowledge.

What I find so cool about this is that Ray started Hall Of Best Knowledge as a personal project. The fact that it's now being published, as he originally drew it, is truly inspiring. It's also a wonderful testament to Fantagraphics. They have published a range of some amazing work over the years. It's great to see the Hall Of Best Knowledge added to the list.

Congratulations Ray!

*Image taken from Ray's flickr page.

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