Tuesday, March 18, 2008

crazy for robots: ROBOTS #23 & #24

For robots #23 & #24 I bring you these two gems by Mr. Walters, aka Nerfect. I was going to just post one, but since I couldn't decide which one I'm posting them both. I guess technically these aren't exactly robots, but they qualify in my book. Since 2005, Mr. Walters has been doing this amazing project called 4X6X365. Basically he does a drawing on a 4X6 index card for every day of the year - so cool! The two that I've picked here are both from 2007. The top one is #105 and the bottom one is #334. I love how he's drawn these and how you can see the marker rendering in the drawings. I'm hoping we'll see some more robots in 2008!


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ooo, these are great! Mr. Walters is a super nice guy too, love his diabolical hotdog. Great stuff on your bloge!