Wednesday, February 20, 2008

old friends

Well, a couple of pieces of mine are going to be finding their way back to me soon. I haven't seen these for a while so I'm actually pretty happy about it. I did a little series of 4 of these mixed media paintings a couple of years ago to make use of some frames that I made. They'll eventually be for sale on my online store but for now, I'm just gonna enjoy them for a little while.


Jimmy said...

I know these pieces and they are quite groovy. Glad to hear they are finally coming home. Break out the bubblie and toast their homecoming!

Congratulations Maura!!!

Flora Chang said...

Fun, Maura!!! Did you draw those faces with pens?
I just tag you on my blog to show your workspace... you don't have to play along; only if you want to! : )