Monday, February 25, 2008

crazy for ROBOTS: robots #16 & #17

For robot #16, I bring you this great robot drawing and the fun artwork of John Martz (aka Robot Johnny). John is an illustrator, cartoonist and the editor of one of my favorite websites, Drawn. Upon visiting John's flickr page, you'll quickly notice that he's got quite a few wonderful sets on there. One of my favorite sets is called "Warm-Up Drawings", which is where I grabbed this groovy robot. I love this set: they're all done in simple black line and they're all the same size. There are a lot of fun robots in the set, and a whole slew of other cool characters too. While looking through John's blog, I came across this other cool robot for #17 (below). Again, I love how simple this is - great lettering too!


JM said...

Thanks for the kind words and link to my site! Much appreciated.

Bob Atkins said...

This is the best blog ever.

(Besides my wife's!)