Wednesday, February 27, 2008

CD art + design finished!

Several years ago, my friend Sam asked me if I'd be interested in designing his business cards. Not sure why, but I've always enjoyed designing business cards. I love the format. They're a fun little design challenge, something that has to say who you are and what you do on a tiny piece of paper. When Sam asked me to design his business card, I made a deal with him: I'd design his business card for free if he would let me illustrate and design the art for his CD someday. An aspiring & talented musician, I think a CD felt like an very unlikely thing to Sam at the time... but I knew it would happen someday. Sure enough, it did. Last November Sam asked me if I'd be interested in illustrating a designing a CD for his band 3 INCH MAX. After months of recording, mixing, editing, titling the tracks, illustrating, designing and tweaking, the artwork is complete and has gone to press. The pieces below make up the final art for the CD.

CD booklet, cover

CD booklet, inside left

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the theme for the CD was "RIOT!". Sam and the band really wanted some crazy characters. So, after sorta hesitantly showing them the (insane!) illustration on the cover, and them really liking it, I went a bit kooky on the inside. It was a lot of fun. If you'd like to see all the images for the CD I've posted them (5 in all) on my flickr page, along with more detailed descriptions. Although we've established a URL for the band, a website doesn't exist - yet. That's part of what I'll be working on next. More on that later...

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fernando santiago said...

Muy buen trabajo tienes, me gusto mucho!

Very good!, exelent work, nice!