Friday, February 01, 2008

be calm

The internet is an amazing place. Sometimes I just get lost in it, looking at things that inspire me and I lose track of time. That's what happened when I found this little gem on ffffound the other day. Having owned a Polaroid camera for years, my eye always goes to Polaroids when I see them and this one is no exception. I love it. The more I looked at it, the more I wanted to find out who took it. (This is where the amazing-ness of the internet comes in.) Looking at the image, I saw that it linked to this cool little blog called maditi likes. Maditi Likes is a collection of images (mostly Polaroids) taken by all sorts of people with no words - only visuals. There are a lot of great photos on there, including the one above that was done by Fernanda Montora. By the time I was finished looking though Fernanda's wonderful flickr site, I had been lost in the internet for about an hour and a half looking at some great photography.


Flora Chang said...

That's such a good blog for inspiration!! Thanks for sharing Maura! I am bookmarking it on my Google Reader right now! :)

Flora Chang said...

Maura... Thanks for inspiring me with your posts! I am giving you the love you award on my blog! :) xo

coloredsock said...

oh great, Maura! another awesome creative distraction...what are you doing to me?! hehe thanks my friend! oh you've inspired me to get out my poloroid. i love the holga, but poloroids have ALWAYS been my favorite with its INSTO-gratification.