Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yes. I am a Pen Nerd.

It's not as if I didn't know that already. It's just that, until recently, I didn't realize how much of a Pen Nerd I actually am. (I feel a gathering of the Pen Nerds coming on... but that's another story that will have to wait 'til later - stay tuned!)

Today, my friend Ana and I ordered some fun new pens from what could be considered our very favorite pen store, Jet Pens. Since getting me the Pilot Hi-Tec-C in orange, I've been hooked! So, today I got 4 more colors: Blue Black, Sear Blue, Yellow Ochre and Muscat Green. My other new favorite pen is the Sakura Souffle - I love this pen! Basically, when you draw with it, the pen gives you a thick line that's pretty wet. It almost looks like you're drawing with watercolor. It's really cool. Then, once it dries, it's somewhat raised off the paper. Magic!

The more pens I get, the more I want to draw in my sketchbook. The drawing above was completed using 7 different pens, which was a blast to do! When I use so many different pens, the drawing ends up being as much about trying the different pens out and seeing how they'll react to one another as it is about creating an interesting image. As with many of my drawings in my sketchbook, these oftentimes become ideas for larger pieces or paintings. I'll post more of these as they come together.

As always, click the image for a better view.


Flora Chang said...

Hahaha~~ I must be one of the pen nerds (pronouced as "neee-erds" for the full effect)!
Being a pen nerd is a good thing!
This is too much fun! :)
(Did you get the 0.3 Hi-Tec C? Cause mine feels like it's super thin but yours looks just right!)

dowdyism said...

Count me in on the pen nerd brigade! Really cool sketch also.


jim bradshaw said...

Haha! The 0.3 Hi-Tec C? You gots to be a nerd just to remember this advanced piece of equipment. I loooooove your sketch with all the different pens. You continue to inspire, girl.