Tuesday, January 22, 2008

TRIO MAGNUS is now available!

YAY! Trio Magnus (previously mentioned) is now available through Uppercase Gallery! Uppercase has been kind enough to post 6 or 7 spreads from the book, which you can see by visiting the link above. There's some original art from the book available there, too, which is really cool! Each copy of Trio Magnus is signed by artists Aaron Leighton, Clayton Hanmer, and Steve Wilson. Yahoo!


Flora Chang said...

I am totally gonna get one copy!!!

Flora Chang said...

Maura,I've just picked you on my blog to pass you the "You Make My Day" award cause I love your artworks and the information you post on your blog!

You need to pick 5 of your favorite blogs too! (But only if you'd like to participate.) Please go to my blog for more details!