Monday, January 21, 2008

drawing with the kiddos

This past weekend I watched my sister and brother-in-law's kiddos so they could escape for an evening. Usually, when I'm there for any extended period of time I'll bring a huge pad of paper with me. Last time I did that it was right before Halloween and, over the course of the weekend, we filled the pad with all sorts of crazy monster drawings. It was a blast! Since I told them that it's The Year of the Robot, they each humored me by doing some awesome robot drawings. Check 'em out! Top: Abby, age 7; middle: Keely, age 5; bottom: Connor, age 2.

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coloredsock said...

those are awesome robots! and that zine book looks so fun. i love their work anyhow. thanks...hope all is super in your world.