Tuesday, January 15, 2008

2008: The Year of the Robot

Well, it's official. 2008 is The Year of the Robot. Guess I should explain what that means. Since going to Oregon last October and talking to my friend Jimmy about our upcoming robot show, I've had robots on my brain. So, I've decided to create and keep a sketchbook filled with nothing but robots this year. I don't know why, but I've always loved and have been fascinated by robots.
Back in 1994, I called them Blockheads but I think they're very similar to the Robots I'm drawing now. I kept a Blockhead sketchbook that year. The above page is from that sketchbook. I guess they've changed a little bit, but they still very much the same to me. As I begin to think about the pieces for the show, I've had all sorts of ideas resurface that I'd like to explore again. Stay tuned for more robots!


Flora Chang said...

How cool!! I love the idea of dedicating a sketchbook for just robots!
I need to have one book for just luchadors then! :)

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog, and that project is way cool coz robots are just very cool too! Have you seen the sewn ones around? Love those too