Friday, December 14, 2007

Fragmented Fave: TRIO MAGNUS!

“With flashing eyes, gnashing teeth, and pointy pens, we, the three members of TRIO MAGNUS, let ’er rip. Sketchbook pages quickly fill with stream of consciousness semi-nonsense. We are frenzied doodle gurus." From what I've seen, this description (taken right from the introduction of the fun new book, Trio Magnus) accurately describes the spastic brilliance of the doodley fun that makes up the content of this wonderfully crazy book. Trio Magnus is a Toronto-based illustration collective made up of Aaron Leighton, Clayton Hanmer and Steve Wilson. Although I've never seen Clayton's or Steve's work, I've been a fan of Aaron's work for a long time so when he first blogged about this project back in September, I was intrigued. Having collaborated with various artists over the years, I've grown to LOVE collaboration. Whether it's collaborating with a specific goal in mind (like a gallery show) or just getting together to draw and mix it up, it's always fun. I enjoy it because it always pushes me into uncharted territory and challenges my creativity and the way I think. One thing's for sure: these guys definitely had fun while working on this and that comes out in the drawings. They're chocked full of non-sensical, weird, crazy creatures that live in a brightly-colored, multi-layered, ever-changing world. What's not to love?

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