Tuesday, November 06, 2007

a visit to the museum

I've been meaning to post about the new Bloch Building addition to the Nelson-Atkins Museum here in Kansas City for a while now. My husband and I took a day to check it out this summer and were absolutely blown away. The Nelson- Atkins Museum, which opened in 1927 from the combined funds of William Rockhill Nelson and Mary McAfee Atkins, sits right next to the Kansas City Art Institute where I went to school. During my 4 years at KCAI, I spent a bunch of time in between classes sitting on the lawn outside the museum doodling. I loved it. It's beautifully landscaped and is filled with sculptures by Henry Moore and Claes Oldenbeurg, to name a few. I guess you could say that the museum has a special place in my heart. There have been some great exhibits there over the years, too. One of my favorite exhibits was probably the Andrew Wyeth exhibit. After seeing his paintings in books for years, it was amazing to see them right in front of me with all their wonderful intricacies and textures. The Bloch Building, designed by architect Steven Holl, is an amazing and commanding addition to the museum. Although starkly different from the original museum, it is adjoined beautifully both in its landscaping and its structure. If you're visiting Kansas City, it's definitely a place to see and experience.

(To see more pictures of our museum adventure, go here.)

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