Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Flickr Feature: boygirlparty / Susie Ghahremani

I sure wish I lived closer to the San Francisco Bay area because if I did, I'd make sure to go to Susie Ghahremani's solo show at Giant Robot that opens on November 10. Although the pieces for the show aren't viewable yet, she does have a couple of pics of her work that you can preview on her flickr page. But painting isn't the only thing that Susie does - she's involved in all sorts of projects. She recently did a piece for the Kokeshi show (that I mentioned previously), she is participating in the upcoming Felt Club holiday event in Los Angeles and she recently updated her online store with all kinds of goodies. If there's one thing that stands out to me in Susie's work, it's her great use of pattern - it's everywhere and I love it! Being drawn to grids and (and thus multiples of squares) myself, another thing that attracts me to her work is the multiplicity of a particular size . She doesn't just do one painting , she'll do a whole bunch of them. Using the same size as a base, she creates a wonderful array of animal worlds that just capture the imagination over and over. For more information on Susie, check out this great interview with her on Victoria E.

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Victoria E said...

Hi Maura and thank you for mentioning my interview with Susie; she was a joy to chat with and I look forward to seeing her SF show.