Friday, September 14, 2007

my hero, Mr. Ed Emberley

The other day, as I was drawing floating heads, I thought of one of my heros, Mr. Ed Emberley. As a little girl, my mom would take my brothers and sister and I to the public library in Bloomfield Hills, MI. She'd take the four of us there for the afternoon and we loved it! Going there was an adventure. We'd walk out of there with a HUGE pile of books and records in our hands. My most favorite thing to do, though, was to look at Ed Emberley's books. I remember spending hours looking at all the cool things he'd drawn. I can't tell you how many times I checked out Make A World (first published in 1972) or his Book of Drawing Faces (first published in 1975, shown here). I loved them... and still do... and I think that's part of why I love to draw faces so much. In all of his books, he shows you how to draw things using simple shapes, step by step. All the books are also hand-lettered and many of the characters have silly names, like the ones on the page I've attached here. To this day, I find myself drawing this way, starting with simple shapes that help shape the floating head or crazy character that ends up living in my sketchbook or painting. Over the years, Ed Emberley has written and illustrated somewhere around 80 books (!) for children (13 of which are drawing books). My favorite is still the Book of Drawing Faces. Here's to you, Ed Emberley!


Anonymous said...

Over the years as I have seen your art evolve I have realized what an impact those trips to library were and how I can still see the early figures you drew - awesome

elio said...

Right on! Ed Emberley is also my hero. I had all his books as a kid. He is easily the biggest influence on the way I 'think' about constructing an image.

gnarf said...

woah, i was sitting down one day and i remembered ed emberley, i used to go to the library with my brother and sister and i'd always spend tons of time looking through his books. i even lost one of them and never paid the fine. anyway, a random google image search brought me to your blog. i just thought this was neat fellow artist :]

okay bye