Saturday, September 22, 2007

Flickr Feature: Jeremiah Ketner

This morning I received an email from Jeremiah Ketner announcing his new show, "A Special Place" that opens on September 27th at Elizabeth Page Smith Gallery. He writes, "When the sky seems dark and the pressures of work have you stressed, one may find harmony and balance in the special place I have created for you to explore." I couldn't describe his work any better. Although Jeremiah's characters live in a world that is chocked full of recurring patterns that include drips, flowers, clouds and circles and might seem chaotic, these patterns harmonize and create a soothing, dreamlike place. To get a sneak peek of all the work that's in the show, check out his set on flickr.

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Flora Chang said...

Maura... I love his work too! It's funny I just added him to my links last night! :) I am adding you to my links too... I thought I've done that already. ^-^