Monday, September 17, 2007

Flickr Feature: David Fullarton

This week I thought I'd feature the artwork of some of my favorite flickr contacts. First up is David Fullarton. I actually first saw David's work not on flickr, but on, while looking through some of his available artwork. I was immediately drawn to his work not only because of the great drawings within it, but also because of how he collages things together. I really like all the textures and layers of stuff he puts in his work. If I had a chance to sit down with David, though, what I'd probably ask him about is the writing within his work and how he comes up with all that stuff. One cannot look at his work without noticing very quickly what an interesting writer and storyteller he is. (You can see this in his commercial work as well.) The above piece is one of my favorites, but I have many others. Take a look through his work. I bet you'll find a favorite too.

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