Friday, September 28, 2007

art fair faves

The Plaza Art Fair was here in Kansas City last weekend and although I usually don't like most of the work that's there, there are always a few gems that I really dig. I'd love to dedicate an individual post to each of these folks, but without knowing that much about them I thought I'd compile them into a single view so you can get a little taste of their work. (Click on the image to view it larger.) I always enjoy talking to artists about what they do and how they do it and several folks were kind enough to stop and chat with me. The warm temperatures didn't stop the crowds and it seemed like the fair had a good amount of traffic both Saturday and Sunday. We ended up purchasing a few pieces, too, which we're hoping to hang soon - if we can find a spot on the wall!

Top row, from left:
Dolan Geiman, Gabe Lanza, Mark Traughber, Audrey Heller

Bottom row, from left:
Jenny Mendes, Lynn Whipple, Betsy Youngquist, Mr. Hooper

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Flora Chang said...

So funny!!! Those are the artists that really caught my eyes too! : ) Now I own 3 out of those 3 artists works!! I really love Dolan's works too but I couldn't affort it... (I wish I had got some of his little screenprinted wood posters)