Monday, September 17, 2007

3X5, revisited

I might be working on a project soon for a friend of mine who has requested some of my "weirdo" characters. He's quick to say that those are his words, but I'm cool with that. They are weird. Anyway, in preparation for that, I've been looking through some older drawings. Some of them are from the late nineties, others are just recently old - done in the last year or so. I'm gonna be posting these on my flickr page soon, but I thought I'd put a few on here, too. So, here's the first in the long (and somewhat never-ending) 3X5 series.

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Flora Chang said...

Maura! I like your weirdos! I love your works too! Can I link your website to mine as well? :)
Thanks for visiting my little blog... did Didi tell you about it? (I like the website you made for him; very clean and nice!)