Sunday, August 26, 2007

Barry McGee

Since first seeing Barry McGee's work at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art some 10 years ago, I've been intrigued. Not so much because of his melding of graffiti and painting, per se, but more because of the faces and the repetition of faces within his work. There's something about them that I can relate to. They have become iconic of his work and are so "him". They change, but certain qualities within them remain the same.

As I think about diving into some new work of my own, the images that seem to be floating around in my brain are masked faces & figures. Perhaps this is my icon that morphs and changes but remains the same. Time to start drawing...

P.S. His new solo show at the Watari Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo, Japan is up now through the end of September. For visuals from the show and installation pics, visit the Watari Museum's website, here.

Images taken by Brandon Shigeta.

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moha said...

you know that Barry McGee is gonna be featured in an upcoming film called Beautiful Losers? I heard a lot of great things about it and I cant wait for it to come out this summer! Check out the website: