Tuesday, July 10, 2007

back from vacation

Well, I'm back from a much-needed vacation and I already miss it. For years, my parents have rented a beach house on the Texas coast in Galveston. Since my dad passed away, my mom has continued that tradition and, as always, we had a great time! Although rain was predicted for the entire week, we were really lucky and had nothing but sun, sun, sun!

No trip to Galveston would be complete without a day on The Strand and a visit to Moody Gardens Aquarium (my personal favorite tourist spot in Galveston). It's a small aquarium, but I love looking at fish and I like the way they designed it. Jake took this picture the day we were there. Actually, we both took a bunch of pictures while we were there. I'm hoping to get them on my flickr page soon.

One of the last nights that we were there, my brother, Matt, and his girlfriend, Laurel, got all the fixins' to make smores on the beach. Evenings on the beach are my favorite time of day to be on the shore. The smores were super yummy, too. I don't think I've had smores since highschool (nearly 20 years ago now!).

(Click on the image to see the pics larger.)

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