Saturday, June 02, 2007

a waking thought

I awoke this morning with a thought: there's no denying who you are. That thought was paired with this image, which I drew this afternoon. Despite all the different directions my work haas taken over the years, these masked figures still take up a lot of room in my brain. Since taking sociology in high school, human behavior, interaction and decisions have intrigued me. Why do we do what we do? What makes us decide to do one thing instead of another? Do the circumstances we're thrown into determine what action we take or is it the other way around? If there's one thing I've learned, it's that it's not the cards you're dealt, but what you do with them once you have them. I like the way Bjork puts it in her song "It's Not Up To You" (off of her album, Vespertine):

I can decide what I give / but it's not up to me / what I get given

So true. As I wrap up the paintings for my upcoming show, I find these masked figures popping into my head and feel another body of work coming on. Maybe I need to revisit ALL the creatures in my head. They help make up who I am.

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coloredsock said...

oh maura! i have that thought a LOT when i look in the mirror or at my hands or at my art...there's no denying who i gettin round's a trip sometimes, thinking i should be this way or that way. or i'd like to be more like this's so goofy! besides, none of those masks stay on very long when we do try them on, do they...they just fall off and i'm left with the thought, there's no denying who i am. and well, i do like the clarity that comes with not denying it, but sometimes it's a little scary! oh i'm so rambling. your characters just get me going there in my head. it's good though! can't wait to see what happens when you revisit them...