Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Flickr Feature: Dave Warnke

Man oh man - I love Dave Warnke's work! I don't know if it's the crazy fun color, the funky shapes all over the place or just the absolute happiness that it brings me! Ha! I'm guessing that it's probably a combo of all three things. Be sure to check out his site for all kinds of cool stuff. If you visit his flickr page, you can catch a glimpse inside his studio from time to time. My favorite part about this piece would have to be the happy orange gumdrop lookin' thing in the center!

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FIDO NESTI said...

Hi Maura, thank you very much for your kind words at Drawn! blog. I took a look at your work here and at the Lunar Boy Gallery and was very pleased with what I saw! Great work! Wonderful lines and colours, congratulations! All the best!